Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell Net Worth (Musician, Actor, Voice Actor)

Drake Bell Net Worth Drake Bell was born in America on 27 June 1986.  In the 1990s he is a musician and voice actor. He was born in Newport Beach, California, he began to start his career as an actor at the age of five with his first TV appearance on Home Improvement he also worked in several commercials, such as one for Pokemon cartoon and Red and Blue. In the early 2000s, Bell has a career in music at the time of his appearances on a show his show name is The Amanda Show with a band named Drake 24/7. Drake Bell Net Worth is $600 thousand.  He independently released his debut album telegraph released under Bells own the theme song in 2005. Drake Bell Net Worth is $600 thousand. After signing with Universal and deviated on the Billboard 200 selling over 23000 copies. Its first album was released in 2006. In 2008 he made 178000 copies. His first video album name is Drake Bell in Concert was released in Oct 2008. Bell released his 3rd album in 2014 his album name is ready to steady Go under indie label surf dog records. He has sold his ready Steady Go 2000 copies. Drake Bell Net Worth is $600 thousand.

Drake Bell Net Worth
Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell early life

Drake Bell was born on 27 June 1986 in Newport Beach, USA California. His parents are Robin Dodson Joe Bell and a billiards player. He has three older brothers he is the little brother to his brothers. Drake Bell Net Worth is $600 thousand. He has one older sister. His sister name is Kellie.

Drake Bell how to up his films Career

At the age of five, he was started acting, encouraged by his father. He says that my dad kind of said, and he was helped in my life career my dad said’ Hey you wanna be an actor? And I said to my father sure that kind of thing you know and he said dad you kind of thing you know? Was kind of put into it by dad. In 1994 his first television show appearance was an episode. And episode name is Home Improvement. In 1996 he appeared in film Jerry Maguire continues. He was nominated for a young artist Award for his role as Cage Redding in his film was Pokemon Red and Blue he this movie in 1998. Drake Bell Net Worth is $600 thousand. In 2001 the legend received his first official guitar lessons from Roger. In the nightmare room, he also made a guest appearance on the series in 2003.

Drake Bell Net Worth
Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell Net Worth by years

2012 $220 thousand
2013 $260 thousand
2013 $300 thousand
2014 $320 thousand
2015 $450 thousand
2016 $500 thousand
2017 $560 thousand
2018 $600 thousand
Drake Bell Net Worth
Drake Bell Net Worth

Drake Bell Important Information

Also known As Romeo G. Jara
Famous As Actor and Singer
Nationality American
Date of Birth 27 June 1986
Sun Sign Cancer
Height 1.74
Born Place Santa Ana, California
Father Name Joe Bell
Mother name Robin Dodson
Siblings Joey Bell, Kellie Bell, Robert Bell, Travis Bell
City and state California


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